Common Questions about Blogs

I have been running a number of successful blogs for years. I have been pulled aside at many social gatherings and asked questions by people who are interested in what I do. These people are completely new to blogging and they always ask the same couple questions. Instead of repeating myself over and over again I will use this article to answer those beginner questions…

Do I need a blog?

Well really this is up to you. I think if you have a business or a business website then yes you definitely need a blog. It gives you the chance to communicate with potential customers, build brand recognition and get traffic to your website. It is the proverbial “no brainer”. If you aren’t self employed and just want to hobby blog there are benefits there as well. Blogging about your passions can be very therapeutic.

Does it cost much?

Blogging can be successfully done for free. There are hundreds of sites that will give you the software, a domain name and they will even host your blog for you. You could start a free blog tomorrow and never pay a cent. If you want to take it to the next level you can buy a domain name for about $10 per year and pay another $10 a month to host it. With a hosting package like that you could even run five or ten blogs. Blogging for free is very possible and even if you want your own set up it is still quite reasonable.

Can I make money?

Yes you can. If you have a blog that gets decent traffic there are numerous ways to monetize it. It would be another article to go deep into how to monetize your blog. On a high level you can sell advertising on your blog, offer affiliate products, sell your own product or even ask for donations. Not every blog will make money but every blog has the pot

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