Driving Traffic To Your Site Using Low Competition Keywords

One of the best ways to advertise these days is through pay per click advertising. Done the right way, it can literally boost your site hits and even your revenue by millions. For those who understand how applications like Google Adsense works, pay per click advertising can be cost effective and just plain old effective in an overall sense.

However, if mismanaged, pay per click advertising could be extremely costly and just as ineffective. Many people who use pay per click advertising spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year for clicks that dont go through . Whats the difference between those who use pay per click advertising effectively and those who do not?

One of the major things you can do to up your success rate (and lower your costs) when it comes to pay per click advertising is to go for low competition keywords. For example, a very high competition keyword might be car. This is the most common word that comes to mind when people think of motorized vehicles, so the cost of buying this keyword for pay per click purchases is very high. Any time somebody clicks on that ad thats targeting the word car, the cost to the company putting out the ad is quite high.

For bigger businesses, this might be fine. However, if youre a smaller car dealership, you might have better luck going for auto, which is a synonym for car yet a keyword with a lower competition level. These words will still show up when potential customers are doing searches (most people who are searching for car will likely search for automobile), and even if the event that the customer doesnt search for auto, the keyword is related to car. Google and other search engines understand the magic of synonyms, and you could get included in a search for car even if you didnt buy the keyw

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