Following The Foot Steps Of A Real Life Consultant

If you work with Internet consulting, its likely that most of the business you do is online. Most clients who already are web savvy enough to get online and go hunting for the help they need to make their businesses a success wont necessarily require you to meet in person. In fact, the beauty of working online is that it means that you can expand your clientele to around the world. Even if you live in Texas, theres absolutely no reason why you shouldnt be able to work with clients in Singapore or South Africa or anywhere in between. The only limit is time zones!

However, if youre reading this article, it means that youre interested in trying to network with a different genre of client, the ones who are not yet on the Internet. Even for people who are offline that would like to make the switch to a virtual marketplace might not necessarily have the skills or the equipment to work with you over the Internet.

This is all well and good as a consultant youll be able to instruct those who are unsure of how Internet marketing works and help them get the virtual presence thats all but required of businesses in the modern era. The trouble is that with offline customers, youll often have to make the first steps in an offline fashion. Which, essentially, means getting back to basics and wooing clients the old fashioned way.

If youre looking to make a dent in the offline consulting world, as yourself an honest question: are you comfortable with meeting clients face to face? With so many methods of communication available through the Internet these days, its not surprising that many who work in online marketing never eve see the people that theyre working with. But if youre looking to recruit clients from a group of people who might not even

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