How PLR Made Me $1200

I wanted to share a casual case study on generating money with PLR. I found myself needing a lump sum of money last month. It was a surprise cost that kind of caught me flat footed. I had just finished paying for some software updates AND ALL of my outsourcers.

I needed to make some money quick and figured since I had all of these PLR products created I might as well use a couple.

I knew the key to making money quick would be offline. AKA I hit the streets. I know some online earners hate to hit the streets but sometimes it is a quick and easy way to not only make money, but build your network.

The best part is this really cost me nothing to start. If you were to do it you would have to pay for the PLR but that is it.well, plus the cost of printing two pages.

The first thing I did was choose some PLR products I chose 4 social media and web based PLR products.

I stuck with these four to begin with. They are all geared towards local small businesses so they are perfect for my demographic.

Using Mac Pages I created a one page menu or brochure that had an image of each of the products and some sales copy. I included a price of $9 per guide. I then created another page that was full of eye popping stats about online marketing. I got these stats from other PLR products we had created. I got both of these printed and laminated for less than $10.

I then hit the streets, the internet and the phones. Obviously not all at once but my main goal was to get in front of decision makers. I phoned some friends and got referrals. I posted on the towns Facebook wall asking if any local businesses needed online marketing help and I got requests for meetings this way.

Lastly, I hit the streets and did a walk up and down downtown not selling with anything just getting

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