More Blog Visitors Means More Long Term Success

If your blog is not getting the amount of traffic that you desire, you may need to employ a few simple techniques to help increase and retain your audience. In my experience successful blogging comes down to good content, frequency, social participation, effective promotion and retention.

Every blog needs to start with a base of good content. What I have learned is that it’s not just the message you are delivering, it’s how you are delivering it. As a for instance I have all but given up on writing articles for my blog. Instead I have chosen to do all of my posts as video. This has not only increased my traffic, it has improved the participation in the form of comments. Think about the audience you want to attract, how will you educate, entertain and engage them?

The number of times you update your blog will directly impact the size of your audience. If you only update once a month people will get used to that and not necessarily check back very often. If you update every day your audience will grow much faster. Now I understand that in a perfect world we can’t all fill the YouTube video every day and post it to our blogs. But you can set a reasonable goal of at least 1 to 2 times weekly. The frequency of your updates mixed with the quality of your content will directly dictate how quickly your traffic grows and how viral your posts are.

Many bloggers make the mistake of turning off or moderating the comments on their blog. An even bigger mistake is when bloggers delete comments of a negative nature. I have learned to allow anything that is not spam to be posted as a comment on my site. Recently someone even commented on my physical appearance in a negative way and I replied with laughter and acknowledged the flaw. This not only helps to make your blog appear more genuine, it also helps

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