What’s Toll Free Numbers Got To Do With Ecommerce?

Sometimes skimping on things can save you good money. But skimping is not always the wisest business strategy. For example, I couldve written this article in the windows program notepad as opposed to Microsoft Word, and saved a good $500 and never had to buy the latest version of Microsoft Office However, wouldnt it be worth the $500 if the improved impression of professionalism put forth in all of my writings some how garnered ten times that in profit? Would you have read this far if I had unknowingly published this article with a horribly obvious typo in the title? Thats right an insignificant error caused by saving money can actually COST you money in the long run.

## Impression Is Everything! ##

If you have spent months developing a beautiful ecommerce website to give people the impression that you are the safest choice for whatever product or service youre trying to sell them, then itd be pretty stupid to have all of that professionalism dismissed by a simple mistake: assuming youre going to SAVE money by not getting a toll free number!

The fact is, the sight of a toll free number is something that subconsciously stirs an idea of professionalism something were accustomed to from corporate America. Area codes are for calling your relatives and friends, after all. The phone prefix 800 or 877 or 888 for some reason, as if by magic, stirs in us the image of a phone operator in a tall skyscraper that deals with hundreds of clients a day someone that doesnt make their living off of ripping people off. The appearance of professionalism is the embodiment of confidence within the business world.

## Okay, so youre convinced now what? ##

Not having a toll free number for your ecommerce business (no matter how small) will cost you more in the long run t

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