Why Dominating Low Competition Keywords Will Be Good For Your Business

If youre a savvy business owner who is looking to get into the world of pay per click advertising, then youre already aware of the salience that low competition keywords hold. For those who arent aware, heres the long and short of it: low competition keywords are less obvious words that still relate to the product being sold by the merchant. For example, auto is a lower competition keyword as compared to car. Low competition keywords arent just limited to individual words, though a keyword could conceivably consist of a pair of words or even a phrase. Motorized vehicle would also be a keyword that has a lower competition rate than does car.

The question being, though, is that in the case that a business owner is searching for those low competition keywords, where might they be found? The first place to check is, of course, your own head. Or a thesaurus. Look up all the synonyms for your main high competition keywords that you can and see which ones seem to make the most sense insofar as your products or services are concerned.

Of course, the usefulness of the word game stops at some point. Low competition is important, but you also want the keywords to be relevant and current. For example, horseless carriage might well be a synonym for car, but its not exactly highly relevant in the current market. Its likely a keyword that has low competition, but its not very likely that a car dealership selling Ferraris is going to find it particularly helpful to their cause.

The real secret to using low competition keywords correctly is to find the keywords that are both low competition but yet highly searched for. Yes, these do exist! But where to find them?

The long and short of it? Software.

The bad news is that most of these sof

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