Why Google Loves WordPress Sites

I am very passionate about WordPress. It is an open source web publishing tool that is completely free and flexible. Out of all WordPress’ benefits, the fact that Google seems to love it so much might be my favorite.

What is up with Google’s love affair with WordPress anyways? Why do WordPress sites seem easier to get to the top of Google with? From my experience I think it comes down to a couple of factors:

1. Power of Posts – Every time you create a post on WordPress you have the chance of getting another web page indexed in Google. The way WordPress works is that it creates a separate page with it’s own link (permalink) when you make a post. If you are posting regularly that means you are getting more pages indexed in Google.

When people had old HTML sites they might have a handful of pages, with sub pages they might have a couple dozen. WordPress makes it easy to have hundreds and even thousands of pages indexed in Google. The more pages you have indexed in Google means more authority in Google’s algorithm.

A real life example is a business directory my team and I created. At first when we added our businesses they weren’t showing up at top of Google for very low competition local terms. We ended up buying a database of local businesses and adding them as posts. After we added the hundreds of posts we noticed that any new company we added would now be on first page of Google for the local search terms..and quite quickly.

2. Dynamic Content – WordPress makes it very simple to add content. This is another big factor for ranking well in Google. Google loves fresh content and WordPress makes that easier than any other web publishing platform. If you are constantly adding new contenet to your WordPress site – Google will

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