Why You Should Use Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress is a one of the internet’s most popular web publishing platforms. One of the biggest reasons for this are the themes. With WordPress themes you can instantly change the style and look of your website, with literally a click of a button. Another great feature is that many of these themes can be found for free. If you have been using WordPress you have probably done many Google searches for free themes. They are out there and in some cases they are fabulous. What about paid themes though? Have you ever thought of paying for a theme? Would you? I think in the right case, a paid theme makes a lot of sense. What are the benefits? Well here are just a couple…

1. Support: When you are paying for a good WordPress theme you are also paying for support. Any reputable dealer of WP themes will offer support, and most likely in the form of a forum. If you have any issues with your paid theme you can check out the forum and by either searching or asking you will get an answer. The support team will be able to troubleshoot any problems you have with the theme. They will be able to diagnose any plugin conflicts. They may even help you with some custom coding. On a premium theme forum I belonged to, the mods would even give me the exact code I needed to customize my site. You will not get any or much support with a free theme. Certainly not at the level described earlier. For the most part you are on your own. The time saved on troubleshooting alone will be worth the added price in no time.

2. Under The Hood Features: A lot of free themes look great, but they lack the under the hood features of paid themes. Most paid themes will add a settings panel in your WordPress back office that is unique to that theme. These control panels can make tasks like logo upload, f

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